Default data format: Test returns JSON while Production returns XML

Default data format: Test returns JSON while Production returns XML

It appears that the default data format for production is XML, while the test API returns JSON by default when no "Accept" header is specified. I just searched our entire CSP project with our developer and see no additional request.Accept specifications. I stepped through the code with him and verified that setting accept to application/json did in fact change the response on production. 

 Is this expected behaviour and should be noted in the documentation? Had this changed?

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Let me check on that and will contact you, soon.

Salem W.Intel Customer Support

I think there is some confusion when bad request codes are encountered only returning XML. Our dev assumed it was a production/testing difference, but the problem of it being a datatype issue might just be masking a different invironement difference, either in our configs or between test/production. 

From the developer: 

The command we happened to be using at the time was get billing profile. We eventually fixed our error (so I don't have the error-prone code at the moment). It could have had something to do with the 'Accept' header not being present. 

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