Explore Intel Cloud APIs at Angelhack Hackathon in Silicon Valley on June 15th and Enter to Win an Ultrabook!

Explore Intel Cloud APIs at Angelhack Hackathon in Silicon Valley on June 15th and Enter to Win an Ultrabook!

Join us at the Intel sponsored Angelhack hackathon in Silicon Valley on June 15th and enter to win an Ultrabook!

This upcoming event is focused on Intel’s new Intel® Cloud Services Platform, a comprehensive set of APIs that help developers build cross platform apps. The current services include Intel Identity, Commerce, Location and Context services to implement user authentication, embed location, create orders, and processing payments using just few lines of code!

Pitch your idea based on CSP and you could win a brand new Ultrabook™ with Intel® Core™ processor!


  • Register and attend AngelHack Silicon Valley on June 15th event (use “IntelAH” for 100% discount)
  • Create an application that demonstrates Intel Cloud Services Platform APIs.
  • Present your application or prototype at the demo session on Sunday June 16th.


Our judges will select potential winners from among all eligible applications based on 5 equally weighted criteria:

  • Creativity – How unique and creative is the app?
  • Functionality – How functional is the app and how smooth is the implementation?
  • User Experience – Does the app integrate the used services into a fluid workflow?
  • Cross Platform – Does the app and the CSP service work across multiple platforms?
  • Number of Services used – How many CSP services does the app use?


The winner will be determined by the judges in their sole discretion and announced on Sunday, June 16th. The winning teams will be rewarded with an Ultrabook for each team (five Ultrabooks in total). Sponsor reserves the right to select fewer than the potential five winners if, in its sole discretion, the applications do not meet the scoring criteria described above and or sponsor does not receive a sufficient number of eligible Submissions.

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