General Inquire about Which Scope to Use

General Inquire about Which Scope to Use


I am novice developer and I am trying to develop a mobile application in HTML5 that requires to find out in which establishment (restaurante, supermarket) type the user is at. Instead of Google Maps, I wanted to give it a try to Intel Cloud Services but I don't know which CONTEXT SERVICE SCOPE is the best suited for the task described above. Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help, excuse me if thel question is way too general. 


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Hi Miguel,

My name is Norm Chou and I’m a technical marketing engineer for Intel Cloud Service. I help developers use the service. Please feel free to contact me:

I will try to answer your question so others can learn as well. 

It sounds like you want to use the Intel Location Based Services, this is our mapping application. Even more, sounds like you also want to use Javascript since you said HTML5.

I recommend using the Intel Location Code Generator. This is the best way to get fully functional HTML5 code using our location services. It will also show you the scopes you need.

If you are simply going try to find the location of various items like restaurants, supermarkets, parks, etc, you really just need to use App Authorization. This means you don’t really need a scope. The location code generator only uses App Authorization.

You maybe asking yourself at this point, what is app authorization and is there other types. We have two basic type: App Authorization and User Authorization.

User Authorization allows more features of the API to be used and that requires a scope to be defined.

This articles goes into more detail about App vs User:

Here is a list of scopes that you would need to access specific parts of the API.

Let me know if you have more questions.



Give it a shot. It's one of best things. Thumbs up .

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