TIP: Component API Documentation made easy

TIP: Component API Documentation made easy

CPI01 Description : Component has an API and API usage documentation One of the requirements of creating an ATOM component is API documentation. This is outlined in section CPI01 of the Validation Guidelines Most of us know what this sort of document looks like, being very logical and to the point. The problem most of us run into is how to generate and maintain such a document. I wanted to share a free tool I used when creating API documentation for my ATOM Component. Doxygen is an open source, free tool that is compatible with Visual Studio 2008 (Currently the supported IDE for the ATOM SDK). What makes this so convenient is that it will extract XML comments directly from your source code, and format them into a consistent format. This makes maintenance as easy as updating your comments and re-generating the output using Doxygen. Your new API Document may be output multiple formats including html, rtf, and pdf. I chose rtf as it is basic and served this purpose well. Example of a basic Doxygen compliant comment: /** * Retrieves XYZ value and calculates... */ function XyzFunction($array) { Screenshot of a rendered document: Resources Download Doxygen Doxygen comment format Doxygen on WIKI
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