Component Requests?

Component Requests?

I am curious what AppUp components everyone else (fellow developers) would like to see available. Components I see demand for would include: * GPS hardware * Power management * Social Media integrations * Geolocation * WPF dynamic layout Please post any component ideas or requests here. Perhaps as a community we can fulfill the need for certain AppUp components.
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I like the social integration component, especially component that would allow you to add easily add in the APIs for Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In

I agree, a lightweight and easy to use social networking component would be huge. I have talked to countless AppUp developers about their submission, and it seems a majority integrate social networking in one form or another.

With MeeGo on the way, I have been thinking about components targeting MeeGo. Being a newer OS there are plenty of features one could add to make AppUp titles run fast, easier to use and all around more exciting.

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