Error: Java Runtime Environment not found

Error: Java Runtime Environment not found

Hi, We have developed an application in java swings using jdk1.6. The application is been packages using WINInstall and the application install and unistall is working fine. The application has failed the validation by the intel app store and following is the error log. Please help in this regard. The application appears to require Java a description of the application’s behavior is listed below. When the user launches the application, the application will display an error message stating “Error: Java Runtime Environment no found.” Please see the attached screenshot for additional information. Please ensure that the application does not include a Sun JDK or JVM as Java is not supported at this time due to licensing issues. OpenJDK or similar open source solutions that are compatible with netbooks are supported at this time.
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MSR Technologies,

Java is not a currently supported programming language for the AppUp SDK. Please keep an eye on this page for updates related to newly supported languages.


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