The mOcean Mobile Advertising Component

The mOcean Mobile Advertising Component

AppUp now supports in app advertising via a the mOcean Mobile Advertising Component. This component using the Mojiva ad network. mOcean Mobile Advertising The mOcean Mobile Advertising Component is available in the AppUp developer program .component catalog. Mojiva, Inc. ( is a mobile advertising company that owns and operates the fastest growing mobile advertising network, currently reaching more than 340 million unique users monthly through mobile web and app display advertising. The Mojiva Ad Network gives brand marketers and publishers everything they need to efficiently run targeted mobile display advertising campaigns within premium mobile content on any mobile device. Founded in May 2008 and based in New York City, Mojiva has grown faster than any other advertising platform, and currently helps advertisers reach their target mobile audiences in 190 countries. Mojiva is backed by Bertelsmann and Pelion Venture Partners, and has US Sales Offices in NYC, LA, Boston, San Francisco, and Seattle; EMEAS operations are managed out of the UK. Mojiva, Inc. also operates mOcean Mobile, an ad server that delivers a white-label Ad Network Mediation solution. Getting Started Getting going with this ad service is a very simple 5-step process Step 1. Download C++ or .NET component from the AppUp developer program Step 2. Email mOcean Mobile to request registration form, App ID and zone ID Step 3. Send in registration form about your app Step 4. Integrate your App and Zone ID’s; email mOcean Mobile for certification; and start receiving ads Step 5. After 60 days and over $100 in revenue, you get paid Support & Service Intel has negotiated a custom engagement process to effectively manage the needs of AppUp developer with mOcean Mobile Advertising. Thus after you send your information you will have access to a customer account representative who will provide you with on -going reports, assist you with any needed service changes, and or new ad requests. Additionally Mojiva will be providing support resources to assist and answer questions directly in this forum. Payment Payment is pretty straight forward and it should be noted this service is very competitive as ad services go Revenue is based on the cost per thousand impressions model (CPM), thus the more people who see your app, the more revenue you get. CPM is negotiated with the advertiser. However when everything else is equal, the systems is designed to favor the developer providing the ad with the best revenue split for the developer. It should be noted that Mojiva has a very sophisticated targeting system that will enable ads to be delivered on information from your app profile as well as information about the app customer geography etc. This will ensure good experience for consumers, and drive more advertisers to target your customers. As for payment, a check will be mailed to the address provided in the registration form mentioned above in Step 3. You will get your first payment 60 days after your apps starts showing ads once you have at least $100 in revenue. As always, and especially for new services like this, we encourage feedback and discussion as we launch this new service. To engage with us, Mojiva support, and our community of developers, please post questions & support inquiries in this forum. Resources

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Just adding my support for a solution to Steven's post. I'm currently looking through many options, including going directly to Mojiva to circumnavigate the problem above. However, Mojiva don't appear to be very responsive to new applications.

Steve V

Hi Steven, Steve-vink,

On behalf of Mocean Mobile, I would like to thank you for your interest in the Mocean Mobile In-App Advertising and Monetization component. We strive to make our SDK’s easy to integrate and are sorry to hear you are having difficulty.

To get support for the component please email and do your best to provide the following:
1. Site and Zone ID's (If you are using any.)
2. Device being used (If the application is running on a specific device.)
3. SDK Version
4. A walk through to reproduce the error.
5. Any additional information that's available.
We will review all the supplied material and get back to you with insights and recommendations.

I would also like to clarify that Mocean Mobile and Mojiva are two separate companies. Mocean Mobile provides the In-App Advertising and Monetization Component that allows App developers to serve ads into their Apps, and Mojiva our sister company provides the Ad Network which serves paying ads into the Advertising component. As such the two independent companies have their own tech support teams.

1. If you are using the Advertising Component to serve ads into your App and run into issues with the implementation of the component you should email
2. If you are using the Advertising Component to serve ads into your app and run into issues with the types of ads being served, the revenue you are earning, or the approval of your app, you should email
3. If you aren't using the Advertising Component and are serving ads to your Application through some other means, but are working with Mojiva to get paying ads and have issues with the types of ads being served, the revenue you are earning, or the approval of your app, you should email

Steve V, I’m sorry to hear Mojiva’s support didn’t meet your expectations. I believe your applications were reviewed within 3 business days and feedback was provided. If you still need more support, please email Mojiva at, and I’m sure you will get a timely response.

All the best,
Mocean Mobile

Thanks for sharing. I have created an ad supported version of one of my existing applications (different feature set). This is an exciting way to monetize an AppUp application or game.


It is really great as now we make freeware and also earn mone side by side.....

Thanks for sharing!!!! :D


It is really great as now we make freeware and also earn money side by side.....

Thanks for sharing!!!! :D

Having been through this component and being thoroughly impressed I wanted to share this link to the developer guide:

Myself and another developer are trying to get this component working with Dark Basic Professional with some success but we keep running into the following error: "The ADP runtime was unable to initialize"

If I am able to get this working there is a community of developers that will be able to use this in their Apps.

I realise you may not be familiar with the language but I can show you the code and maybe you will see something obvious missing? Otherwise I would be happy to discuss getting this component working with DBP via Email if it helps:
global thiscallPtr as integer
global mOceanHandle as integer
global mInitializeEnginePtr as integer
global mCreateBannerPtr as integer
global mBannerRunPtr as integer
global dbproWindowHandle as integer

#constant GWL_STYLE -16
#constant WS_CLIPCHILDREN 0x02000000


` Debug application ID
applicationId = alloc(16)
fill memory applicationId, 0xFF, 16

print "Initialising mOcean..."
wait key
print MInitializeEngine(applicationId)
print "Creating banner..."
wait key
bannerPtr = MCreateBanner(dbproWindowHandle, 100, 100, 500, 500)
print bannerPtr
print "Running banner..."
wait key



function Init()

mOceanHandle = load dll("mOceanCore.dll")
print "mOcean Handle: "
print mOceanHandle
mInitializeEnginePtr = get ptr to dll function(mOceanHandle, "?InitializeEngine@@YAHPAUADP_APPLICATIONID@@@Z")
print "mInitializeEnginePtr: "
print mInitializeEnginePtr
mCreateBannerPtr = get ptr to dll function(mOceanHandle, "?CreateBanner@@YAPAVCAdViewControl@@PAUHWND__@@HHHH@Z")
print "mCreateBannerPtr: "
print mCreateBannerPtr
mBannerRunPtr = get ptr to dll function(mOceanHandle, "?Run@CAdViewControl@@QAEXXZ")
print "mBannerRunPtr: "
print mBannerRunPtr

dbproWindowHandle = get dbpro window()

load dll "user32.dll", 1
currentStyle = call dll(1, "GetWindowLongA", dbproWindowHandle, GWL_STYLE)
call dll 1, "SetWindowLongA", dbproWindowHandle, GWL_STYLE, currentStyle || WS_CLIPCHILDREN
delete dll 1

function InitThiscall()
thiscallPtr = alloc(8)
poke integer thiscallPtr, 0xEA505958

register function ptr thiscallPtr

function PrepareThiscall(ptr)
poke integer thiscallPtr+4, ptr

` Returns non-zero value on success
function MInitializeEngine(applicationId)
result = call function ptr(mInitializeEnginePtr, applicationId)
endfunction result

` Returns a non-zero pointer identifying the banner on success
function MCreateBanner(hwnd, x1, y1, x2, y2)
bannerPtr = call function ptr(mInitializeEnginePtr, hwnd, x1, y1, x2, y2)
endfunction bannerPtr

` No return value
function MBannerRun(bannerPtr)
call function ptr thiscallPtr, bannerPtr

Sorry for the long message!


I have been following up with Mocean since Feb 2011 and I have faced multiple problems.

1. Integration was extremely cumbersome and tedious - especially due to the delay in responses.
2. Once integrated, I had trouble getting the Site and Zone IDs - the first batch that were given to me did not work.
3. All apps (which are already active in the AppUp store) were rejected. When I sought for more details and guidance for the rejection - I have no response either from Mojiva or Mocean.

How do I proceed forward?


Hello Ankur,

I will check into this.

Hal G.
Technical Support Team
Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program
Intel AppUp(SM) center

*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

Hello Ankur,

I understand your IDs have now been approved. Please let us know if you need additional assistance.

Hal G.
Technical Support Team
Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program
Intel AppUp(SM) center

*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

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