Inference Engine Commercial Use

Inference Engine Commercial Use

Is the Intel Inference Engine ready for use in a production environment, ie for commercial use? 

If not , can you give any indication when it will be?


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Thank you for considering Intel Computer Vision SDK/Deep Learning Deployment Tools for your product.  We hope you will find that it meets your requirements.  Currently it is released as a beta.  This means that substantial changes may still happen and immediate use in your released products is not recommended or covered by the EULA.

However, we certainly hope that you will start considering Computer Vision SDK.  By the time you get far enough in your development to start planning releases we may have moved beyond beta.  We do not have a date we can post here at this time, but please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your schedule and goals.   You can use a private message ("send author a message") if you like.

Also, please watch for updates to beta status on this forum.  

Thank you for your reply. 

Sorry I cannot seem to find the option to "send author a message" on the page. Could you provide more insight into how this is done or send me a private message I could reply to.


Continuing this discussion off the forum.  For other readers: we are always interested in your plans to use our SDKs in your products. 

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