GraphML File will not be loaded

GraphML File will not be loaded


I was trying to load the census-transform.graphml document in order to see how the application works. But I get the following error -

p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }

Error encountered while parsing GraphML Document (census_transform.graphml)

GraphML File will not be loaded


It is the same with other sample applications as well.


Also, when I run the script, the following lines are displayed -


Could not parse application stylesheet
QObject::connect: No such slot FGDFramework::uc_handle_clear_highlights()
QObject::connect: No such signal FGDGraphScene::items_selected(QList<QGraphicsItem *>&)
[ INFO ] OpenCL build options: -DWORK_ITEM_XSIZE=4 -DWORK_ITEM_YSIZE=1
[ INFO ] OpenCL build options: -DWORK_ITEM_XSIZE=1 -DWORK_ITEM_YSIZE=1


Please let me know if these lines have got anything to do with the GraphML not loading?


Thanks and Regards

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Hi Ana, 

What OS do you use? Errors of GraphML parsing usually occurs because of some dependencies and proper driver absence. Did you do all prerequisite steps described here ?

Best wishes, 


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