Model optimiser subgraph replacement

Model optimiser subgraph replacement


I was using model optimiser and had a question regarding the subgraph replacement for tensorflow/caffe.

I am experimenting with a simple model performing a filter operation followed by Relu. (to be precise Conv -> Inv_-> Concat -> Relu). I want to replace this subgraph by Conv ->ICR (basically having a hand rolled version of InV->Cat->Relu). 

I have added a replacement extension in the model_optimizer/extensions/front/tf however the final IR bin files seem not to have any effect. Can you please help em out.







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Hi Sunando,

Are you converting a TF model or a caffe model and could you share the file that you are trying to convert to IR?

Kind Regards,

Monique Jones


This was initially a caffe graph but when we discovered there was no support for subgraph replacement in caffe (see other forum post from me) we tried Tensor flow. This post can be regarded as a duplicate of mine ("BUG(?) Sub graph replacement in caffe flow is missing").


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