Code error in ext_resample.cpp (OpenVINO)

Code error in ext_resample.cpp (OpenVINO)

On line 273 in ext_resample.cpp:

#pragma omp parallel for collapse(2)

Results in error c3005: 'collapse' unexpected token encountered on openmp 'parallel for' directive on windows because the collapse token is OpenMP 3, while Visual Studio only supports version 2 (source:

removing collapse(2) fixes this error

This occurs in the latest release of OpenVINO R2019.1.113, did not have this problem with 2018 R5

Thank you for any help in this matter


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Dear Smistad, Erik,

We just now released OpenVino 2019R1.1. Please download it and retry. Post your results on this forum.

Thanks for your patience !


I can confirm that this error is gone in 2019 R1.1. However a new error now occurs. A linking error, complaining about missing symbols (unresolved externals) _vcomp functions for the cpu_extension target. However, removing the following line from the cmake file ie_parallel.cmake in OpenVINO fixes this:

target_link_libraries(${TARGET_NAME} PUBLIC "-nodefaultlib:vcomp")


Dear Smistad, Erik,

Thanks for reporting back to the forum ! We really appreciate your sharing your experiences with the OpenVino community.  Interesting about the new missing symbols error. Thank you for figuring it out and reporting the fix.


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