Performance with Intel HD GPU

Performance with Intel HD GPU


I did some performance comparison using OpenVino for CPU (i5-8350U) vs GPU (Intel UHD Graphics 620)

I am running a simple inference (1x3x224x224 image using ResNet18). What surprises me is that I do not see any performance difference between CPU and GPU. Both are giving average inference time of around 15ms.

Could I be missing something?

- SJ

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Dear Jian S.,

This is plausible. You are likely not missing anything. We have an OpenVino sample which exactly is meant to perform benchmark experiments, it's called the benchmark app . Once cannot generalize based upon a single test but the benchmark app gives you easy options to try different scenarios. You are using an I5 CPU but I can tell you that in my experience, I7 CPU actually beats most GPUs for OpenVino inference. 




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