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Hi,  I built dldt from github source tree. I can not find in dldt/inference-engine/bin/{arch}/Release/ or dldt/inference-engine/build/ .

When installing OpenVINO SDK with the binary package downloaded from Intel site, it is located in /opt/intel/openvino/python/python?.?/{arch}/openvino/inference_engine/ .

Do I need to execute "cmake ; make" in the indivisual directory , not only at the top level - dldt/inference-engine/build/ ?



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Hi, I found the guide in dldt/inference-engine/ie_bridges/python/ and successfully built for x86-64 arch.

Somehow an infinite nesting problem occurs in pyconfig.h of python3.5m during cross compilation for another arch.  This might have nothing to do with dldt source, so I will check my cross compilation environment..

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Yes, I think it may have been an issue in your environment. 

I found in dldt/inference-engine/bin/intel64/Release/lib/python_api/python3.6/openvino/inference_engine.

If you find an issue that the cmake script fails in please let us know so we can address it. 

Hi, thank you for reply.

I fixed /usr/include/aarch64-linux-gnu/python3.5m/ link in my environment and built in dldt/inference-engine/bin/arm64/Release/lib/python_api/python3.5/openvino/inference_engine/ successfully.

My target plarform is arm 64 ubutu box and I use Xeon ubuntu server for cross compilation due to memory and file system limitation on the box. Compiling x86-64 binary is just for reference to check cmake and make behavior.

I am now strugling another problem to build opencv. Executing "cmake ; make" finishes normally and libopencv*.so libraries and opencv* commands are built,  but is not built. I can build to run self compilation with the same cmake arguments on the same server. OpenVINO SDK binary package.includes cv2.cpython-{ver}-{arch}.so , so I suppose it would be required



I have built cv2.python-35m-{arch} on cross compiling environment with some addtional "Define"s of python directories and pkg-config directory in cmake arguments to follow information messages from cmake. The generated .so file name is but it is "ELF 64-bit LSB shared object, ARM aarch64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, not stripped".

This name is declared in sevral scripts in opencv/build/modules/python3/  which are generated by cmake. It seems that the arch infix is named for HOST_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR, not for target SYSTEM_PROCESSOR. I can not figure out how to modify infix naming in cmake scripts or so, but it should not be big deal since it could just be renamed when deploying.

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