Black screen on camera output of openvino R2 interactive_face_detection_demo

Black screen on camera output of openvino R2 interactive_face_detection_demo

Dear Sir,


I try to run the interactive_face_detection_demo as below command:

interactive_face_detection_demo -i cam -m  "c:\Program Files (x86)\IntelSWTools\openvino\deployment_tools\intel_models\face-detection-adas-0001\FP32\face-detection-adas-0001.xml" -m_ag "c:\Program Files (x86)\IntelSWTools\openvino\deployment_tools\intel_models\age-gender-recognition-retail-0013\FP32\age-gender-recognition-retail-0013.xml"

But the output video is all black screen as attached.

My OS is windows10  ver:1809

I can run other app to enable my webcam like skype, so I think the webcam should be normal.

I also can run interactive_face_detection_demo by MP4 file, so I think the Openvino installation should be normal too.

Have any one can solve this problem?

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Dear Liang, Alex

It seems that your command is not quite right. Please refer to the Interactive Face Detection Demo documentation. A sample command looks like this:

/interactive_face_detection_demo -i <path_to_video>/inputVideo.mp4 -m <path_to_model>/face-detection-adas-0001.xml -m_ag <path_to_model>/age-gender-recognition-retail-0013.xml -m_hp <path_to_model>/head-pose-estimation-adas-0001.xml -m_em <path_to_model>/emotions-recognition-retail-0003.xml -m_lm <path_to_model>/facial-landmarks-35-adas-0002.xml -d GPU

 Which looks different than yours.

Thanks for using OpenVino !


Hi Shubha,


Thanks for your feedback.

I can run this demo if I use video file like *.mp4 using the same command.

But there is no video when I set input device is camera. ( -i cam)

I also can run this demo with the same webcam on ubuntu 16.04.

I think is windows 10 privacy for camera limit OpenVino to access webcam.

Do you know how to enable the camera privacy on windows 10 for OpenVino?

Dear Liang, Alex,

I primarily use Windows 10 OpenVino and I use -i "cam" all the time. Here are instructions on how to enable the Webcam on Windows 10:



Hi Shubha,


I already enable the camera on windows setting as attached.

but there is no "openvino" option can be selected.

I can see the video out from my camera when I use other app like skype.

And I can see the camera enabled light is on when I run the "Interactive Face Detection".

But the output video is all black as I previous attached.

Windows 10 1803 seem limit some app to access camera.


Downloadimage/png windows10 camera setting83.4 KB

Dear Liang, Alex,

Honestly I never have this problem and I always use Windows 10 OpenVino. I run OpenVino samples using -i "cam" regularly. Can you perhaps try some other OpenVino sample, say Smart Classroom Demo ?

Let's see if a different demo works for you. 

Of course the demo won't detect anything because your face isn't a classroom - but let's just see.

Thanks for your patience,



Hi Shubha,


I try to run "Object Detection SSD" demo, and got similar result.

The video output are noise or black swapping as attached.

The command I used is listed as below.

object_detection_demo_ssd_async -i cam -m "c:\Program Files (x86)\IntelSWTools\openvino\deployment_tools\intel_models\pedestrian-and-vehicle-detector-adas-0001\FP32\pedestrian-and-vehicle-detector-adas-0001.xml" -d GPU

I can run this demo as long as I changed the -i cam to -i "*.mp4".

And this problem only happen on windows 10, not happen on linux.

I try to change other webcam, the video output is still black.

Do you have any idea of this issue?



Downloadimage/jpeg SSD.jpg505.35 KB
Downloadimage/jpeg SSD2.jpg165.16 KB

Dear Liang, Alex.

black screen on webcam is not an OpenVino related issue. Please google "black screen on webcam" and you will find that many people have experienced it. The most common culprit seems to be that the webcam may need a driver update.

Hope it helps and sorry for the inconvenience,



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