Issues with Action Recognition Demo

Issues with Action Recognition Demo

I'm trying to launch the Action Recognition Demo on an IoT Tank (OpenVINO version 2019_R1) but get the following error:

Initializing plugin for CPU device...
Reading IR...
Loading IR to the plugin...
Reading IR...
Loading IR to the plugin...
To close the application, press 'CTRL+C' or any key with focus on the output window
finishing <action_recognition_demo.steps.RenderStep object at 0x7f78cf2dc7b8>
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 98, in <module>
    sys.exit(main() or 0)
  File "", line 94, in main
    video_demo(encoder, decoder, videos, args.fps, labels)
  File "", line 18, in video_demo
    run_pipeline(videos, encoder, decoder, result_presenter.render_frame, fps=fps)
  File "/home/tank/open_model_zoo/demos/python_demos/action_recognition/action_recognition_demo/", line 23, in run_pipeline
  File "/home/tank/open_model_zoo/demos/python_demos/action_recognition/action_recognition_demo/", line 129, in print_statistics
    print("{} total: {}".format(name, step.total_time))
  File "/home/tank/open_model_zoo/demos/python_demos/action_recognition/action_recognition_demo/", line 47, in __repr__
    return "{:.2f}ms (±{:.2f}) {:.2f}fps".format(self.avg, self.std, self.fps)
  File "/home/tank/open_model_zoo/demos/python_demos/action_recognition/action_recognition_demo/", line 34, in avg
    return self.total_ms / (self._times)
ZeroDivisionError: division by zero

How do I fix this?


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Dear Pando, Sofia ,

Are you certain you're passing in all the required arguments ? Please study The Action Recognition Demo Doc including the example command-line.

Also, please try powering down your ioT tank and powering back up.

Finally,  is it possible to upgrade to 2019R2 on your tank ? If so, you should - 2019R2 has many improvements.



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