OpenVino 2019 R3 with Cmake

OpenVino 2019 R3 with Cmake

I'm getting an error validating my installation with cmake. Which version exactly must I use? 

I see it says 3.4 earlier then updated to say 3.14. Will 3.15 work or do I have to use specifically 3.14.



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This issue is closed. I was able to get this to work with OpenVino 2019 R3

Here's my proof (See attached screenshots) and here's the settings I used:

1. Cmake 3.14.7/ 64bit....3.15 didn't work so I had to remove it

2. Anaconda Python 3.7.3/ 64bit 

3. Visual Studio 2019/ 16.3.2 




Dear Carlisle, George,

I'm really glad to hear it ! Thanks for sharing your  success "proof" with the OpenVino community. Your generosity in helping out the rest of us is truly appreciated !


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