Some string search algorithms

Some string search algorithms

I hope that you have understood the task of the competition, and I wanted to share an useful link that I found on the internet with you are some string search algorithms that I hope that will help you to solve this task as best as you cangood luck to all :D

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I m reading about algorithms whole day, and i didnt find any optimization which will enable handling with huge files such as I have tried some of them and they crash same as sample code. :/

try to not store information which you wont need later. Reading the files is not causing the crash... its the large L Array

I know that.. I tried to make a map ,and to delete some rows, but that is complicated because i dont know if i gonna need them later (L[i-1][j-1]+1) so i couldnt delete it.

You can store only the substring who have a length >= Minimum match size, it s a good filter. You don t need information on shortess substrings

a good idea is try to discard the L array

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