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SDK Location


I want to ask a simple question. Where is the sdk location? I have installed INDE on my MacOS, but I cannot find intel-context-sensing-1.6.7.jar anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello Ibnu,

Short answer: we haven't bundled the Context Sensing SDK in the current version of Intel INDE for Mac. We apologise for the confusion that this was not clearly stated on the product comparison page. We will update our online information as soon as possible. 

Do you have Parallels? If that's not a stretch for you, you may wish to try the Windows version. Also, if you have a developed an app using the Context Sensing SDK, please let me know as a private message. 


Thanks for the answer Shailen,

I'm not using Parallels on my Mac. I'll try install INDE on my friend's Windows, find the jar, and copy it to my mac. If it possible to use the jar if I do that?

Noted, I will inform you when I've developed an app using Context Sensing SDK.

Hi Ibnu, 

I have not tested it, but you can download the jar from:

I pulled the link from the release notes of Context Sensing SDK:

Let me know if it works. I am curious as well :)


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