I don't receive any cloud events

I don't receive any cloud events


I can't receive any of the Cloud-based Context States, I register callback for all of them:

  • ContextType.DATE
  • ContextType.GEOGRAPHIC
  • ContextType.PLACE
  • ContextType.TIMEZONE
  • ContextType.WEATHER

I have created an account and registered for Context service: Standard Plan

Context Service: Standard Plan

Key: dhp9-----------------------4qqsbus

2 weeks ago

Thank you for your quick response.

Best regards,


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Hi Johan,

Thank you for reporting. We have fixed the issue with cloud. Can you please try again?

- Neena


Recently I've been receiving GEOGRAPHIC cloud events, allthough very coarse grained.

I'd didn't get any home/work events yet. According to your documentation we should start to get those after 2 weeks.

What can cause this behavior?

Best regards,




We are investigating to ensure that there's been enough data pushed to the back end to make the determination. I'll send you a separate message to collect some more information from you. 



Hi Johan,

We have investigated the issue and found that the semantic location (home/work/other) data is only available when the client pushes the current location data to the cloud in right format over two weeks. The current location data should have a piece called activity as "in". Following is a valid example of location data:


            "type": "urn:x-intel:context:type:location:current",
            "activity": "urn:activity:in",
            "value": {
                "latitude": 45.123456,
                "longitude": -122.123456,
                "accuracy": 100
            "dateTime": "2015-10-04T00:01:00+00:00"

Please debug your client code and verify that the location data your client is sending looks similar as above. If your location data does not have "activity": "urn:activity:in", the cloud will return place value null. If your location data has "activity": "urn:activity:in", but the cloud does not have two weeks of data, it will return place value "other". Only if both these conditions satisfy, the cloud will evaluate "work" or "home" semantic place. Please let us know if it is still not working for you.


Hi Johan,

Hope you had a chance to play with the SDK a bit more to see whether the semantic place (home/work/other) data are coming from the cloud. We recently deployed a bug fix to production cloud server. We have tested using the Android SDK and made sure the semantic place data is being received. In order to clearly detect home or work place, the location provider on the SDK has to be up and running continuously at least for 15 days. If the cloud does not have enough data, it will return semantic place value as “other”. Please let us know if you continue to have difficulty getting the states from the cloud.



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