Service Manifest Help

Service Manifest Help

I am having trouble starting the LocalService service by following the quick start guide.

Can someone tell me how I should add the service into the manifest? I have tried the following but it doesn't seem to work...


        <service android:name=""


The error message:

 E/ Local Service failed

I am a Android beginner and am currently working on a school project for this, any help is kindly appreciated

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The snippet of you AndroidManifest file seems to be right. Need some more information to help you.

- What is the Context SDK version that you are using?

- Please provide the complete error log.

- Can you please download the sample apps @ and try the Activity Recognition Sample? This app has the code for the quick start guide.

Thank you for replying and so sorry for the late reply.
The version of SDK I am using is

The logcat only display the message below without any further info

E/ Local Service failed

The same code seems to work with previous version of SDK which is 1.6.7

Can you please download the sample apps @ and try the PhysicalActivitySensingSample and refer to the AndriodManifest.xml and let us know. Thanks. If the problem still persist we can have a look at your AndroidManifest.xml.

I have tried out the PhysicalActivitySensingSample. The sample itself has the same error when I tried to Start Daemon.

12-19 12:16:24.508 29548-29548/ I/ Starting Context Daemon
12-19 12:16:24.508 29548-29548/ D/ Executing startService
12-19 12:16:24.570 29548-29548/ E/ Local Service failed

I think the problem does not lie on the AndroidManifest anymore but instead on the JAR file or my phone itself.

I am testing the application in LG Nexus 5 running Android 5.0 with API 21.

We have tested the JAR file on  Nexus 5 running Android 5.0 with API 21 as part of our standard testing. It seems like there might be a problem with your device. It would be great if it is possible for you to test it on another device and let us know. We would be able to help debug this issue with more information. Thanks.

It would be great if you could let us know if you are using eclipse or Android Studio for your development. Thanks.

I am currently using Android Studio for my development.

It would be great if you could provide us with an apk so tht we can test on our end on different devices.Thanks

Attached the APK file here. Please do take into account that the same APK works in my device if I change the intel-context-sensing jar file to older versions. Thanks for your help


Downloadapplication/zip app-debug.zip1.88 MB

Hello Ryan,

Thank you for raising the issue. At the time of release the SDK was tested on Eclipse only. Our investigation has revealed that the SDK is not compatible with Android Studio yet. We are working on fixing the issue and will have the new download soon. However, in the meantime you may choose to try out Eclipse ADT bundle. If you do not have it downloaded, please see this stackoverflow answer for the links to download ADT bundle. You can migrate your project easily to Android Studio later once we have the fix. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Intel Context SDK developer

Thank you for your response, looking forward for the new version.


We hope you got a chance to update to the latest version we released last week.


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