intel HD 3000 and 3D modeling programs?

intel HD 3000 and 3D modeling programs?

im going to be buying a new pc soon, i was thinking about an xseries lenova think pad. everything on it seems great but im not sure if the intel HD 3000 graphics card will properly run 3D modeling programs like autodesk. a little help would be great as well as what would be a good graphics card if the HD 3000 isnt enough


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First of all you need to make a clear thought about your budget scheme because the PC or laptop you are planning to purchase is for your 3D modelling programs which need raw graphics power to render the 3D models and images come at considerable high costs.
The 3D modelling softwares require Professional graphics cards and strong processors like Intel Corei7,Intel Xeon.
You have highlighted that you want lenovo Xseries Thinkpad.Instead of Lenovo Xseries in laptops Lenovo Wseries have extra Nvidia Quadro Graphics support alongside with theIntel HD 3000 on-board graphics.And for the PCs Lenovo Thinkstation Workstations are best for the job precribed by you in the question.So I have given a link below which you might find usefulIn the link below you will find the datasheets in pdf formats of your precise configurations forPersonal Computers(PCs) which show the Lenovo Thinkstation Workstations.

At bare minimum invest in mid-range gaming card like Geforce gtx-550, but for serious 3d design work you will need quadro card.

The graphic card will work on the laptop you had buied.

Along with a powerful graphics card, you will also require good amount of ram like 4gb or more for rendering etc.
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Does the GTX -550 or GTX 560 run any 3D modelling softwares efficiently at 1080p resolutions. How should I analyse the card before buying one? Confused between the disadvantages between a mid-range gaming card and a low range professional quadro or FirePro card.

In a nutshell, you need to get the most powerful desktop you can afford". For our render boxes we run i7s crammed with the most amount of RAM the motherboard will take. On top of that we stick in SSD drives. We even put a separate SSD drive in just for the swap file for 3DS max and that improves the speed by a ton!! If you use a conventional drive for the swap file and you exceed your RAM (super easy to do with 3DS) you will have a super slow down when you hit that wall. I personally have used 3DS on a laptop, however ONLY for modeling...not for renders, lighting or anything else.

Thanks for your reply
I have a Intel Core 2 Quad 8200 2.33ghz processor(, with 8GB DDR3 1066Mhz (MAX my motherboard DG43RK can allot), HDD is a old 2005 make IDE type 250GB drive. I presently work on a Full HD monitor at 1080p, on the Intel X4500 Onboard Graphics Adapter. So for this kind of configuration what am I supposed to be concentrating on to be able to run softwares like 3DS max and Maya at a stable speed.

I am focussing on making the 3D models for my game development work and import them into the Game engines to further construct a game for PC and or Android.

Can you tell what perspective of the graphics card,RAM and the HDD (as you mentioned using the SWAP file on a SSD) do these kind 3D modelling softwares work upon? I pose this question so that I can upgrade the appropriate components.

With the configuration I presently have upto what extent I would be able to utilise the features of the 3DS MAX software.

Will I be able to do any better if I can take a $200 graphics card? If yes should it be a Professional or Mid-End Gaming card?
You have stated that you have personally used the 3DS Max on a laptop i.e only for modelling, if I may ask what was your Graphics Adapter and the processor?

When you buy multimedia studio type configuration laptops, Try to Look for Intel processor such as i7, with a clock speed, 2.8 onwards, turbo boosting technology of intel 1.6 is not that resourceful and Sony is a fine bet with i5 Intel, Value for money.

Hi, How much consumes electricity this Intel HD?


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