Hard to Find Animation Tutorials

Hard to Find Animation Tutorials

What are the techniques you'd like to see explained? I
kept hearing about 2-joint knee setups, but I'd never seen the procedure broken
down so I worked it out and wrote a quick "how-to" on it. What have you had trouble finding? And if you've had luck hunting down a rare tutorial - where did you find it?
- Pitz

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I didnt find any such tutorial. Tried hard on searching keywords...

this is a nice tutorial..

 Animation support is rarely given in this forum. Most of the games and E learning are made by using adobe, But rarely Q and A are given, why?

doy you work with solidworks?

Maya is the best solution for drawing 3d skeleton model. And if you want to learn how to create such kinds realistic 3d animations with Maya, you should check the tutorials from DigitalTutorials (http://www.digitaltutors.com/software/Maya-tutorials)

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