Unable to connect to AMT client after configuring the BIOS

Unable to connect to AMT client after configuring the BIOS

Hello guys,
I was tasked to configure the AMT configuration settings in the newly purchased server MDiS166 which is used to handle the digital signage.So I went through the tutorials fromIntel and configured the server once the machine starts (Ctrl+p)I kept the default as DHCP and Enabled all the standard settings.Now after saving the configurations, I try to connect to connect but am not able to get the web page even in the same amt enabled machine. Ping works fine to all the machines and vice versa.The issue which I think could be causing the problem is that I use it on a wifi network. Please correct me if it's wrong or any other possible remedies which can pull me out of this.Am completely new to this, so please give me some help in fixing this issue.ThanksFrancis

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Issue fixed...All i had to do was, call from another PC...

Hi Francis,

I am glad you ware able to get this issue taken care of so quickly.

For embedded hardware platform softwarestack configuration issues, it is usually best to contact the OEM from you the platform was purchased first before contacting Intel. It may also be helpful to contatc your Intel representative if it is an Intel Software Development Platform you are working with and establishing an account on the Embedded Design Center website http://edc.intel.com.

Thanks, Rob

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