What is the future of idb?

What is the future of idb?


Release notes for Intel Fortran Composer XE 2013 for Linux say:

In a future major release of the product, the Intel® Debugger may be removed. This would
remove the ability to use:
- The idbc command line debugger
- The idb GUI based debugger

Will there be a replacement? Or will Linux users be left without any debugging aid?


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Hi Markus,

the Intel(R) Debugger will continue to be available in all the updates of the v2013 product generation of the Intel(R) Composer XE.

We are also already actively working on a successor solution that will also have many of the features that you have gotten accustomed to with the Intel(R) Debugger. We will continue to support a debug solution as part of the Linux hosted Composer XE product line.

As far as the GUI goes we intend to focus more on improvements and tighter integration with the Eclipse IDE than our own GUI.

Thanks, Rob

In relation to this question, what are your plans concerning the debugging options on Mac OS X, since your release notes for 2013 has the same notice of deprecation of the idb? Specifically, are there any plans towards allowing for a debugging GUI, either by a stand-alone release or by integration into another IDE such as Eclipse?

Hi Oscar,

sorry for the late response. We currently do not have any plans to integrate into Xcode or any other IDE for OS X with our debugger. The intention is to provide a command line successor solution probably based on open source proudct enhancements.


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