Let me say at the outset of this query that I am kind of jittery with computers and don't understand much of computers. You can call me computer illiterate.

I'll try to put forth my problem as clearly as possible.

So coming to the point, I earlier used to work on Fortran Power station 4.0. The fortran code, I was provided with, was of ".for" extension. What I earlier used to do was change the values of parameters in an input file(txt file); compile-build-run the ".for" file which used to open a black window (console window I guess); wait till the run was over; open output parameter files(txt files) and note down the values.

Oflate I've uninstalled Fortran Power station 4.0 and installed MS Visual Studio 2010(not MS Visual Studio 2010 SP1) followed by Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2011.5.221. I have saved the fortran code in a notepad file. I just want to open a new blank ".for" file, paste the fortran code i have, and go forth as usual but I can't. To start with, I can't find the compile option on opening a new file or a new project and copy-pasting the code. Though there is the Build option but without compiling is it worth doing a build? Plus, how to run or execute it? Is it the Debug option? Further, where should I keep the input parameter file(s) and output parameter file(s). Kindly clarify.

Until then I keep pulling my hairs out !!

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this forum is about debug solutions. We have a dedicated forum for general Visual Fortran integration questions, where you might ask more detailed questions:

Nevertheless, this is a brief walk-through to your questions (please refer to the Microsoft Visual Studio* documentation for general IDE questions):
1. Create a new Visual Fortran project via menu "File->New->Project..." and select "Main Program Code" in "Intel(R) Visual Fortran/Console Application" menu. Give it a name (e.g. test).
2. A solution containing a *.f90 file was created, with the name you specified. You can compile the overall solution by menu "Build->Rebuild Solution". Debugging via "Debug->Start Debugging".
3. Create or change the *.f90 file(s), e.g. copy over your code.
4. To change arguments, working directory, etc. for the debugging session, right-click on the project (Fo icon underneath solution) and select "Properties". Under "Configuration Properties"/"Debugging" you can specify whatever you need.

Furthermore, I suggest to use Microsoft Visual Studio* 2010 SP1.

Best regards,

Georg Zitzlsberger

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