Unable to start debugging error in VS2012 on Win7

Unable to start debugging error in VS2012 on Win7

Every time I attempt to start debugging a program in VS2012, I get the following error box

(Grr.  Can't paste a picture here!  I'll have to try to describe.)

Error Box Title:  "Microsoft Visual Studio"

Error Box Text:  "Unable to start debugging.  Check your debugger settings by opening project properties and navigating to 'Configuration Properties-->Debugging'"

I can't see anything wrong in the Debugging properties. The $(TargetPath) has "xxx\..\Debug\" as part of the string, but that's OK, isn't it? One other clue is that the $(DebuggerFlavor) = LocalWindowsDebuggerIntel. Is this an Intel problem?

This solution debugs as expected in VS2010.


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Hi Dr_Eck,

this looks like a possible integration issue of the Intel(R) Parallel Debug Extensions that are part of the Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE product with Visual Studio 2012..

I will check with my colleagues to see whether this may be something that can be addressed via a simple reinstall or whether there is a known issue that shows these symptoms.

Thanks, Rob

One other piece of data: I switched to the Microsoft debugger and all is well. That's a sufficient workaround for me.

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Hi dr_eck,

the error message you stumbled over seems to be referenced as a possible Microsoft issue in the forum link below:

It is however still unclear what can trigger it.

If you would like to use the VS2012 debugger it may be worthwhile for you to go into the Control Panel and under Add/Remove programs select the Intel(R) Parallel Studio. You could then selectively only change the installation by removing the Intel(R) Parallel Debug Extension (which has not been validated against VS2012) only. This may impact what you are seeing.

By the way. One other small comment. It looks as though you are a customer of the Parallel Studio 2011. I would like to point you to the little detail that if you go to the registration center at https://registrationcenter.intel.com you can upgrade to the Intel(R) C++ Studio XE 2013 from the download area for your existing product.

Thanks, Rob

@Rob, thanks for the reply. I'm not sure how a problem with the Windows debugger relates to the Intel debugger, so I don't know how the Visual Studio forum link applies.

Thanks also for the "small comment" regarding XE 2013. Are you sure this is a free upgrade for me? I did not upgrade to 2011 XE because the price was too high given that the app I'm working on is a 30 year old 300k LOC C program that would take years of work to parallelize. Anyway, I have not seen a reference to Intel(R) C++ Studio 2013 without the XE, so I'm confused as to whether I have an EOL version that's not worth upgrading or whether I really can upgrade with my current license. 2013 XE does not show up on my https://registrationcenter.intel.com/RegCenter/MyProducts.aspx page.

Aha! I found the answer to my question on another forum topic: http://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/topic/328092 It is a free upgrade (yeah!), but it was not available last week. Do I just have to wait until it shows up at https://registrationcenter.intel.com ?

>>...the error message you stumbled over seems to be referenced as a possible Microsoft issue in the forum link below:
Thanks for that link, Robert, but I think a response from Microsoft is too generic.

@Dr_Eck: The upgrade to the C++Studio XE 2013 should be visible in the registration center as of last Thursday 10/11. Please have a nother look, whetehr it is available now.

Thanks, Rob

@Sregey Kostov

Hi Sergey,

I agree that the data from Miscrosoft on this issue is not very detailed at this point. We are still trying to see what can trigger this behavior.
My only reommendation at this point is to not use the deprectaed Parall Debugger Extensions with Visual Studio 2012, as they have only been validated up to and including Visual Studio 2010.

Thanks, Rob

@Rob Thanks for the information. Unfortunately, it is not listed as being available on my "My Intel Software Development Products" page. https://registrationcenter.intel.com/RegCenter/MyProducts.aspx for which your link is an alias https://registrationcenter.intel.com/ Any additional information you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve.

Login to the IRC at https://registrationcenter.intel.com, click on the download link 'Version 2011 (SP1)' next to the product 'Intel® Parallel Studio (all tools)'.
On the next page (https://registrationcenter.intel.com/RegCenter/Download.aspx?productid=1379) you will see the link 'Upgrade available >>' below your serial number. Click on that link following all instructions to download the upgrade. If this doesn't work, follow the direct link I'll give you in a private message.
Regards, Hubert.

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