Intel Debugger GUI - Missing source file in list

Intel Debugger GUI - Missing source file in list

Dear all,

I am using Intel Debugger 12.1 on Intel(64) Build [79.226.14] for a FORTRAN project. I compile the source files with debugging enabled (with -g) option. When I lauch idb as "idb a.out" and when I click View > Source Files; the left pane opened to list source files misses one file "vartypesFmod-mod.f90". I also have another module file "vartypesEmod-mod.f90" and it is listed. Is there a possibility that this could be a bug? I am experiencing the same behavior also in Intel Debugger Version 13.0 on Intel(64), Build [78.747.23].



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Dear Ekinakoglu,

by default the debugger should indeed show all source files that are linked in with symbol info in the source file list.

Can you provide us a bit more info about this one file. Is there reason to believe that perhaps the entire module has been inlined somewhere else?
Is it linked in slightly differenty than other files during the build process and thus somehow the symbol info got dropped?

Anything in the build process that is different for this file than for the others in your project may give us a hint.

Thanks, Rob

At a first glance, I cannot see a difference. In the Makefile I compile and link these two modules as follows:

vartypesEmod_mod.mod: vartypesEmod-mod.o vartypesEmod-mod.f90
$(FC) $(FCFLAGS) vartypesEmod-mod.f90

vartypesEmod-mod.o: vartypesEmod-mod.f90
$(FC) $(FCFLAGS) vartypesEmod-mod.f90

vartypesFmod_mod.mod: vartypesFmod-mod.o vartypesFmod-mod.f90
$(FC) $(FCFLAGS) vartypesFmod-mod.f90

vartypesFmod-mod.o: vartypesFmod-mod.f90
$(FC) $(FCFLAGS) vartypesFmod-mod.f90

FCFLAGS are "-c -g -O0". Then I link to the executable as follows:

program: $(OBJECTS)
$(FC) -g -O0 $(INCDIRS) $(LDFLAGS) -o program.out $(OBJECTS)

As you might guess, OBJECTS are the two modules and other f90 files which include subroutines. However, the source view of the debugger lists "vartypesEmod-mod.f90" and other f90 files but not "vartypesFmod-mod.f90". What do you think? Am I doing something wrong above?

Thank you for your time.



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Hi EA,

I agree with you. There is nothing obvious and you using -O0 even excludes the possibility of it being optimization related. I think I will need to have a look at the actual project to understand what is going on.

Is your testcase small enough that it could be attached either to a private messaage here or to an issue you submit at

If you go the route of submitting an issue at please submit it in Intel(R) Debug Solutions if you have access. If you don't add a note to assign the issue to me.

Thanks, Rob

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