IDB C++/Fortran mixed code debugging (LINUX)

IDB C++/Fortran mixed code debugging (LINUX)

Hi all,

we're developing a complex C++/Fortran mixed code program in Linux (Suse Enterprice 11.1) with Eclipse Indigo SC2 and GCC 4.5. The main code is writte in C++ and the libraries (shared objects) are Fortran. The gcc toolchain has been working and debugging was possible but gdb often crashes and let me grow white hairs. So, after having a lot of trouble with gcc and gdb we are trying the Intel solutions (12.1 Update 9) and have replaced g++ and gfortran by icpc and ifort and we have manged to build successfully our executable.

Now we are trying to debug the mixed code in Eclipse/ IDB GUI (which is also Eclipse) but cannot step into the Fortran code. The C++ part is OK and variable are shown correctly but in the Fortran code "no symbols" is shown and we are not able to add the source code, because it is not listed ind IDB GUI. In Eclipse it is the same. We tried also to use static libraries for the Fortran code with the same result. What have we done wrong?

Some of the libraries we have built and tested in Windows with ifort and VS2010 with generic driver routines. The debugging there is no problem. The same source code has been used to build the Linux but not all libraries are portable so we have to debug in Linux.

Any help or suggestions are welcome,

best regards Johannes


After digging through all the million project settings in Eclipse, we found one missing -g :-( Now debugging is running fine.

Nevertheless, it was written that Intel will abandon IDB for future and improve the Eclipse integration of ?? GDB whatever ?? for Intel compilers! What does that mean? At present we are working on a server with an enterprice Linux and I cannot update the glibc  and gcc so easy. That's why we only can use GDB 7.2.xx and not the current versions. The nice feature of IDB is that it works with older glibc and therefore we prefer IDB... We are evaluating the Intel compilers today and have to make a decision in the next days wheather we will buy Intel or stay at the gcc solution. It would be good to know what the future plans of the IDB successor are.

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Hi all,

no one any comments??

@someone of intel: One big reason to buy Intel compilers for Linux is the improved debugging stability compared to gdb. I would like to have some good arguments for my chiefs to buy Intel compilers, but if there will be an opensource successor to IDB supported by Intel I loose my arguments...


Hi Johannes,

sorry for the delay in responding. I will get back to you with an answer shortly. The Intel(R) Debugger (IDB) will continue to be available throughout the current major product release, and will only then be removed from the distribution. Thus for the Studio XE 2013 product updates there is no reason to be concerned at all.

To answer your question on the successor debugger product I will need to first sync on what feature set is committed and ready to be anounced for the Service Pack 1 release, where it will first be available in parallel to IDB.

I hope to be able to provide more information real soon.

Thanks, Rob

Hi Rob,

thanks for your answers. It is good to know that IDB will be available throughout the current 2013 XE release.

However, an advanced integration into Eclipse (Indigo/Juno/...) of the IDB successor will be appreciated. For Juno there are still problems with breakpoints on the Eclipse side for Fortran but Indigo and IDB works quite good in combination even now (GDB often seems to run in an infinte loop, needs 100 CPU and you have break - 2 hours waiting had changed nothing).

Let's see what the future will brings...

Kind regards,

Hi Johannes,

I double checked with our product team. Again sorry for the delay.

On the IDB successor, I can confirm that it will be GDB* - the GNU* Project Debugger. We are however adding substantial changes and feature improvements to it, which will make it difficult to support older GDB versions.
The good news is that one of our focus areas is improved Eclipse integration and improved Fortran support for GDB. Thus we are aware of the concerns that our traditional IDB user base has and are working on adressing them before we do the switch.

Thanks, Rob

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