bldk in simics

bldk in simics

I was using bldk in simics Atom E6xx virtual system.and I using "gBS->SetVariable" in the bldk,and it successed,

but when I run simics again, I can not get the variable ,and I use "dmpstore" in shell to see the variable,it show it can not be found !

it also happen in the X57+ICH10 platform .  what is the problem?  whether the bios flash can not be written in simics?

if not,how to solve the problem?

wish your answer!

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Does this refer to debugging under the bldk? The only reason I can imagine is that local or unused variables are being optimized away. This can happen with default release or debug builds. The default optimization setting is /O1ib2. You may try to build with /O1 to see if all vaiables are visible for the debugger.
Does this hits the point?
Regards, Hubert.

no,I was write a setup page in EFI, it can not save  the setting in setup.once reboot  the setting return to default value. and I build it with /01,but it still work either. I wonder to konw this is the simics problem or the bldk problem? 

thank you 

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