Debbugging Abaqus User Subroutines with Intel 12.0

Debbugging Abaqus User Subroutines with Intel 12.0

Dear friends,

I am trying to find a way to debug Abaqus user subroutines but, since I am using Abaqus 6.13/VS2010/Intel12, I am not able to do it, as most of the instructions online are oriented to older versions.

I change the abaqus_v6.env file to link it with my compiler the way that is recommended in many places ( but the debugger is not able to find the PDB file (vc100.pdb).

I suppose that one way to overcome this problem is to create the obj and PDB files first, but when I try to do it with VS2010 the way I do it with my fortran codes a compilation error appears and no PDB or OBJ files are created. This is quite normal since what I am trying to debug/compile by "brute force" is a subroutine that has no sense without the main code, but I have seen online some people that made it this way.

Any advice? Thanks a lot for your help

Emilio Mtnez



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I'm working on your request. Which is your serial number and version of the product? Please answer via "Send Author A Message".

Thanks, Hubert.

I am experiencing the same problem using the Abaqus recommended configuration (abaqus 6.13 + VS2010 + Intel12.1). That is, I receive errors that the symbols (.pdb) cannot load in visual studio after attaching the process. Has anyone had success implementing debugging capability with abaqus 6.13?



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