Debug mode does not show variables value in Visual Studio 2012

Debug mode does not show variables value in Visual Studio 2012


I just installed Visual Studio 2012 and Intel Visual FORTRAN Compiler XE 13 on my 64 bit windows 7 computer. My problem is that in the debug mode the program algorithm works fine except it does not show the values of the variables. Following are some information about the problem:

1. I tried the watch window and also moving mouse over the variable but neither of them works.

2. I tried very simple codes like Hello World and just defined an integer but the program is unable to show the value of the variable in debug mode. 

3.This problem only happens in FORTRAN codes. In my C++ codes the debug mode works fine and shows all the variables values!

4.By default the Enable Native Edit and Continue option in Tools is off. If I turn this on the watch window shows the value of some of the variables but still I can not see the variables inside a vector for example and if I move mouse over a variable it does not show the value of it.

5.I looked into other posts like :In Debug mode Watch doesn't display proper values, but I could not find any solution to my problem.

Thanks for your help in advance. 

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Hi Vahid,

in Visual Stduio 2012 a lot of changes happend in the debug API backend. Consequently there have also been a lot of modifications in our Fortran Expression Evaluator to accomodate that.With the latest Intel Fortan Compiler and Visual Studio 2012 I am not aware of any symbol info problems. However, what you see reminds me of some issues we saw when Visual Studio 2012 first came out.

Could I ask you to check for the exact version of the Intel(R) Fortran Composer XE adn Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 that you have installed?

It may also be helpful if you could just have a look atthe file proporties of fee.dll as well and confirm its version number for me.

The issue could be with our compiler, our Fortran epreson evaluation or with the specific version of Visual Studio you are using. Knowning all the relevant version numbers will make it easier for us to focus on the most likely candidate.


Thanks, Rob


Hi Rob,

I ran across this post and am having the same issue and hoped you could help.  I am running Visual Studio 2012 version 11.0.50727.1 with Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 Integration for Visual Studio 2012, 13.0.3588.11.

I'm not sure what "fee.dll" is...if you can describe its location, I can look at its version number as well.

Hi Jonathan,

The Fortran Expression Evaluation DLL fee.dll is located at a location similar to

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\Packages\Debugger

after installation of the Intel(R) Fortran Composer XE.My general recommendation is to use the latest Fortran Composer version with the latest fee.dll possible.

Thanks, Rob

I'm an idiot with an old version.  I now have Fortran Composer XE 13.0.3636.11 with Fee.dll version 13.0.2225.2.and it works perfectly.  Thanks for your help

I've the same problem but for #C compiler and Visual Studio 2013, what should I do? Which files do I have to update?

I just copied the FEE.DLL to the Debugger folder (MVS 12.0 folder) and the debug mode shows variables now. Thanks it works perfectly !


I have installed VS Community 2013 and FORTRAN 16.0. I am facing the same problem of the variable not being displayed in the console window! 


Thank you!

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