Development Tools for Intel XDP3 JTAG interface

Development Tools for Intel XDP3 JTAG interface

Hi Intel System Studio Support Team,



I have a question about Intel XDP3 JTAG interface which is supported by Intel JTAG Debugger.



Does Intel provide any development environments (Free tools or low cost tools) which supports

the JTAG debugging by Intel XDP3 JTAG interface other than Intel System Studio?


Thank you,


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Dear Chato,

the Intel(R) System Debugger or Intel(R) JTAG Debugger included in the Intel(R) System Studio is the only public Intel product to support the Intel(R) ITP-XDP3 JTAG device to connect to te XDP port on your Intel reference platform.

For older Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processors you may want to have a look at the offerings from Macraigor Systems additionally.

At the high-end market for JTAG devices there are solutions from other ecosystem partners like Lauterbach or American Arium available.

None of the 3 additional solutions I mention supports the Intel ITP-XDP3 device though. Only through Intel System Studio is that supported.

Thanks, Rob

Can anyone at Intel explain the rationale of using 51 ohm pullups and pulldowns on the JTAG signals as shown in the XDP emulator JTAG Routing Guidelines?   Third party Jtag hosts or bus drivers can not drive the 35mA needed to overdrive the terminators.

Reference and Document Number: 512816



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