Debugging an OpenMP code

Debugging an OpenMP code

Hi all,

I haven't seen a coherent/official OpenMP debugging post by the Intel guys.

How can I debug an OpenMP Fortran code with idb ? Are there any compilation flag(s) required in order to ''serialize'' the code first ?

Any suggested manual/links that you know off ?

Appreciate your time and your answers.

Best regards,



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Dear Jack,

other then enabling symbol info in your code there is no need for execuation serialization or anything like it with the old Intel Debugger 13.0 (IDB).

In the debugger user guide ( I would refer to the chapters "Debugging Parallel Applications", especially the entries on "Working with Threads" and "Debugging Multi-Threaded Applications".

There are special notes on

Please let me know if this answers your question or if you would like to ask about a specific use that you would like to discuss in mor detail.

I will gladly try to help.

Thanks, Rob


Dear Rob,

Thanks for your rapid and detailed replay.

This is certainly a good starting point for me - please let me get back at you in case I have specific questions.

Best regards,


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