How can I debug unmanaged Code (Visual Basic) called from Fortran?

How can I debug unmanaged Code (Visual Basic) called from Fortran?

I have an Intel-Fortran-project that calls an unmanaged Code (in VB).

I want to debug my Program under Visual Studio 2010. Which Properties must be set for debugging the called VB-Subroutine?

I have selected the "Enable unmanaged code debugging" check box for Visual Basic Project.

Under Visual Studio Properties->Debugging->Debugger Type is deactivated. I mean I can't change Attribute and set it to Mixed or Auto!


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We have a similar sample of what you want to do (VB-Calls-Fortran). For the latest version, you can find it here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Composer XE 2013 SP1\Samples\en_US\Fortran\

You need to set "Enable unmanaged code debugging" for the VB project of that sample (Properties/Debug). After that you should be able to debug the Fortran component (FCALL).

Please let us know whether this works for you.

Thank you & best regards,

Georg Zitzlsberger


Thanks for your response!

My DLL is written in VB. and Fortran Calls the VB-DLL.




Indeed it's the other way around, but according to our engineers the settings should be the same and it should work without problems.

Please let us know in case it does not or you have further questions.

Best regards,

Georg Zitzlsberger

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