intel ITP-XDP3 Debugger for Quark

intel ITP-XDP3 Debugger for Quark

I want to start developing code for the Quark processor. I have an Intel Galileo Board that I have started working with.

I would like to know if there is a way to obtain the Intel ITP-XDP3 JTAG probe as an educator. My budget as an educator is limited.

It is a high end probe, but it seems to be the only probe available to debug the Quark's UEFI or any code from the reset vector on which is what I want to do.

A second question: what would be the best way to interface the Intel ITP-XDP3 with the Galileo board? The JTAG connector is different, so I know I will need an adapter; what would be the best way to do in terms of adapters?

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Hi Juan,

To JTAG debug Quark there are basically two software solutions, one is commercial and the other uses only open source software tools.

There are also two hardware probe categories that differ very much in price, the Intel ITP-XDP3 and the much cheaper USB debug adapters.

My recommendation for you is to use a setup of

There is a good description on how to set this up with GDB & Eclipse to do JTAG debugging:

I personally find the JTAG debugger in Intel® System Studio easier to use and I also like the built-in UEFI and Linux debugging support. This debugger also supports the USB probes and OpenOCD.
There is currently a public beta of the new Intel® System Studio 2015 version available that will run until approx. mid Nov.

In case you want to lookup the ITP-XDP3 it can be found and purchased here:
and the Quark adapter:

Juan, just in case you haven't found it there is an extra maker community at Intel that covers many Quark questions:



Paul Farquhar

Thank you for your reply.

Will the Intel Studio 2015 support Reset-Break JTAG debug on OpenOCD for the Quark SoC?

The current available version of OpenOCD doesn't support Reset Break for the Quark which is what is needed to debug Firmware and UEFI since the first instruction after reset. This is why I needed to inquire on the ITP-XDP3 probe since this prove does support Reset Break.

Best regards.


Best Reply

Hi Juan,

the issue really is that the Quark system reset is not wired to the 10pin header, so neither ITP-XDP3 or OpenOCD supported probes can do a real reset / break. But we can get close with a soft reset.

The current 2014 version can't do this, but the 2015 version does this over OpenOCD. The changes to OpenOCD have not been upstreamed yet so you'll need to use our version. The current Intel® System Studio 2015 BETA already has OpenOCD inside so you can give this a try.

With Intel® System Studio and OpenOCD we cannot do real Reset / Break, but we get close enough for BIOS / UEFI debugging. We don't hit the reset vector everytime but halt the CPU close enough. This will work as long as you have conrtol over the target - otherwise the soft reset will not work. In that case do a hard reset and then the soft reset should get the CPU again.

If you do try Intel® System Studio 2015 BETA and run into trouble then please use the offered support channels and we'll see that we help you.



Paul Farquhar

Thank you. This is good information and good news for me.

Best regards.


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