USB CCA Loader Error installing SVT CCA

USB CCA Loader Error installing SVT CCA

After installing Intel System Studio 2017 and Intel System Debugger on a Windows 7 system, I get a driver install error when connecting the SVT CCA to USB. The dialog shows:

Intel USB CCA Loader - Failed

USB Composite Device - Ready to Use

Intel USB CCA Debug Class Devices - Ready to use

Another developer tried and got a somewhat different error message mentioning a Westbridge driver instead of USB CCA Loader.

Not surprisingly, the Debugger can't connect to the target. Can anyone make suggestions on what I'm missing? Thanks.

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    Could you please let me know the target hardware platform that you are trying to connect through SVT CCA adapter?

Sukruth H V

Hi Sukruth - This is a proprietary embedded board with Intel Core processor. Good news, we followed the setup path for trace logging rather than debugging and managed to get the SVT CCA adapter recognized and connecting to the target. We can reset the target and set breakpoints, and do symbolic debug.

We can't single step, however. Do you have any suggestions on how to get single step working in ISS?


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