troubles showing symbols in subroutine when debugging

troubles showing symbols in subroutine when debugging

I have Windows 7, 64 bit, Visual Studio 2015 (version 4.6.01055) and Parallel Studio XE (I think 2017).

I build a Fortran solution which is running fine in 'run_without_debug mode'. I tried to debug but I cannor see the values of the variables in the subroutine. I think I have some wrong setting. At first I could not display any value: it complained about not finding a symbol file.

I changed the 'Configuration properties -> Fortran -> debugging' which now are,

For Active(Release) x64(Active)  (top of the page)

      Debug information:Full,

      Information for parameters CONSTANT:All

I wonder if I have to put the same for (Debug)

This allowed me to start the debug, but for the subroutines I still have the problem (the main being ok)

I had problems before when linking the IMSL libraries and the loading symbols file. I am not sure if I may have introduced some trouble when fixing that.




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