warning #11021: unresolved IMB_internal_barrier

warning #11021: unresolved IMB_internal_barrier


I'm follow the ReadMe_IMB.txt in intel mpi benchmarks directory, the set in that txt like this:

 a) Change the "Solution Platforms" dialog box to "x64".
   b) Change the "Solution Configurations" dialog box to "Release".
   c) Check other settings as required, for example:
    General > Project Defaults
       - Set "Character Set" to "Use Multi-Byte Character Set"
    C/C++ > General 
       - Set "Additional Include Directories" to 
       - Set "Warning Level" to "Level 1 (/W1)"
    C/C++ > Preprocessor
       - For the "Preprocessor definitions" within the Visual Studio 
         projects, add the conditional compilation macros WIN_IMB and 
         _CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE. Depending on the components you intend to 
         use, add one or more of the following macros: 
         MPI1, EXT, MPIIO, NBC, RMA.
    Linker > Input
       - Set "Additional Dependencies" to "$(I_MPI_ROOT)\intel64\lib\impi.lib". 

warning #11021: unresolved IMB_internal_barrier.

It seems the link error, is that should i add other lib to vs2015? But, i can't find some information about this.


thank you!


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