__intel_avx_rep_memcpy page fault

__intel_avx_rep_memcpy page fault

Dear All,

I'm using Systemstamp probes (vm.pagefault) to avoid page faults in my code by forcing to read/write in all memory. The probe says that __intel_avx_rep_memcpy has page fault:

fault address: 0x424000, symbol: __intel_avx_rep_memcpy+0x80/0x17c0, access: r, type: minor, delay: 36

according to asm it is:

(gdb) info symbol __intel_avx_rep_memcpy+0x80
__intel_avx_rep_memcpy + 128 in section .text

0x0000000000423fb9 <+121>:	shr    $0x2,%r9
0x0000000000423fbd <+125>:	sub    %r9,%r11
0x0000000000423fc0 <+128>:	cmp    %r11,%rcx
0x0000000000423fc3 <+131>:	jae    0x424060 <__intel_avx_rep_memcpy+288>
0x0000000000423fc9 <+137>:	nopl   0x0(%rax)

So could you help me to understand what memory should be forced there?



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