OpenOCD support in Intel System Debugger 2018

OpenOCD support in Intel System Debugger 2018

I am trying to debug a Quark X1000 chip using System Debugger 2018 and the recommended Olimex ARM-USB-OCD-H JTAG debugger. I can successfully attach to the device using OpenOCD but can't connect to the OpenOCD session from System Debugger 2018. I have seen the couple of published documents but can't get the documented process to work. Specifically when following the document "Using Intel System Debugger with OpenOCD" the command

connect "<ip address>:3333" servertype=openocd

returns the error E-U-P-ILLTK : illegal keyword 'servertype'

When I attempt to connect manually in the GUI there is no OpenOCD probe listed in the dropdown. The document referenced previous versions of System Debugger (up 2017) but your website doesn't have download links to previous releases. Also note there is no "start_xdb_gdb_remote.bat/.sh" file that I can find in the install path.

Has support been dropped for OpenOCD in System Debugger?

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