Extending TensorFlow 1.0 for Intel optimized architecture

Extending TensorFlow 1.0 for Intel optimized architecture


   I have just posted a project in Intel Developer Mesh on extending TensorFlow 1.0 for Intel Optimized  Python(https://devmesh.intel.com/projects/intel-optimized-tensorflow1-0) .Now my next question is I am using jupyter notebook and I am new to machine learning  correct me if I am wrong.I am enabling Intel optimized Python by activate in terminal and then I am activating TensorFlow 1.0 too.Now to use both of them effectively in a program can I use Intel Optimized libraries too? Is there a basic way or  example on how to do this?Thanks.

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Hi Nandy,

Are you referring to working with Jupyter notebooks within the Intel Deep Learning SDK training tool, or using Jupyter notebooks in general with Intel Python distribution?



I want to know about both.

I am up and running with jupyter notebook with PyDAAL.Thanks.

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