Unable to train the dataset

Unable to train the dataset


    I have been trying to do training on a dataset I have created or any modified one but unable to train it.I have downloaded the model file after the training failed.Now my question I am unable to figure why the dataset didn't work.I am unable find which file to check.I am attaching the model file 

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From your caffe log, it shows that dataset is not found.  (dataset is wrongly setup)

 F0307 19:14:22.005602    67 db_lmdb.hpp:53] Check failed: mdb_status == 0 (2 vs. 0) No such file or directory

In the model, you specified following file as dataset:


Firstly, you can check the existence of file using following command: (data.mdb, lock.mdb)

docker exec -it <container-id> sh -c "ls -lh /workspace/dlsdk/jobs/datasets/f464f071-0604-455f-b3a6-8583d88089f7/train.txt_LMDB"

If it exists, you can check the content of data.mdb file under that directory to see whether content is expected. (mdb_dump)

Hope this will help you.






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