Model generation SDK error (SIGSEGV @db_lmdb.cpp:72)

Model generation SDK error (SIGSEGV @db_lmdb.cpp:72)


I have managed to successfully create a valid Dataset, and then moved for the next stage termed "Models" (i.e. model generation from the dataset).
I'm getting a runtime error, while trying to generate the mode.
The corresponding logs (the error appears in the bottom of caffe.log) are available here (also attached):

I'm working on an OSX machine, with Google Chrome browser.

Please support.

Thanks ahead,
Shahar Gino


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We got your question and are working on it. 

OK, I got it resolved. It was Model parameters issue. Thanks anyway, Shahar

Hi Shahar

I am facing similar error while trying to create AlexNet and GoogLenet models. Can you please elaborate what Model parameter issue you fixed when you saw the problem ?

Appreciate your feedback.


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