Error when installing Intel DLSDK on CentOS Virtualbox

Error when installing Intel DLSDK on CentOS Virtualbox

I am trying to install Intel DLSDK (beta 2.0) on a Virtualbox running CentOS 7.1. The Vbox is hosted in a Windows system.

The installing is stopping with the following error in the log:


18:14:35 error docker pull completed with errors

18:14:35 error error: <password>Error: Command failed: tools\win\plink.exe ***.***.***.*** -l **** -pw <password> -batch -t -ssh "chmod +x dlsdk_install_scripts/*.sh && echo '******' | sudo -S -E -k dlsdk_install_scripts/ -stage 2 -type single -username '****' -startport 8080 -selfsigncertificate 'undefined' "

18:14:35 info

18:14:35 info Error on or near line 810; exiting with status 1

18:14:35 info filesystem layer verification failed for digest sha256:040806c678c32d582f35f4a8f7356d492e6a9555c049563243184db353207887

The line 810 in the is the following command:

docker pull ${DLSDK_CAFFE_CONTAINER} | tee

What could be causing the issue ?


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Fixed !!

Did the following:

1. Upgraded VirtualBox to CentOS 7.4.178

2. Disabled SELinux

3. Downloaded the linux installer into the Vbox

4. Started installation script as follows: ./ -type single

5. Did docker pull separately for one of the modules. This is because it was failing with checksum verification error:

docker pull intelcorp/dl-training-tool:caffe-release3-mlsl-latest

6. Restarted installation using ./ -type single

Now I am able to use the training tool.


Hi Giridhar,

Great to see that you've resolved it and are able to work with the system.



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