How to identify UPC/EAN Option Values?

How to identify UPC/EAN Option Values?

Want to know how to identify an Option values in UPC/EAN?
I am creating barcode symbology, and try to understand the Symbology identifier has a prefix.
For example, UPC-A barcode 02345

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0 is the option value for UPC/EAN. Both UPC-E and EAN-8 are zero-compressed' versions of UPC-A and EAN-13.

You may need to order a copy of standard. UPC/EAN barcode symbology is defined by the International Standard ISO/IEC 15420. Normally, barcode control is capable of creating barcodes easily, regardless of understandarding barcode standards.

Hey, thanks and where could I get the copy of the standard?

Why you want to know the optional value, from convert UPC-A to UPC-E or what? If you want to create UPC-A/UPC-E, barcode generation component may help you

To find the UPC/EAN/GTIN you can view the rss page of the product and search for the relevant tag such as , or . For example to get an RSS page for the 80GB Sony Playstation 3 which is listed on ASIN B001DTETLS, youd use this URL:

Youll need to substitue youridhere with your own AWSAccessKeyId. Im not publishing mine here, but you can get one for free yourself by signing up to Amazon Web Services. You could also just Google for someone elses as other people do publish their keys.

You can substitue the domain extension in the URL if you want to look it up on other channels such as .com .de .fr .ca or

EAN is a superset barcode of UPC. EAN-13 Barcode generation SDK may help you to figure out the value different. Free sample versions are provided online.

UPC and EAN are both numeric only barcodes, upc-a encodes 12 digits (including the checksum), etc. I think you need to check details of the barcodes, could refer to wikipedia, or you could refer to this:

I once bought a .NET UPC-A Generator from a website and I thought its introduction for UPC-A quite good. Hope it can help you.

As we all know, EAN-13 is used world-wide for marking retail goods. The symbol encodes 13 characters: the first two or three are a country code which identify the country in which the manufacturer is registered (not necessarily where the product is actually made). The country code is followed by 9 or 10 data digits (depending on the length of the country code) and a single digit checksum. 2-digit and 5-digit supplemental barcodes may be added for a total of 14 or 17 data digits.

However, UPC version A is the basic version of UPC and is usually the version seen on grocery store items. The symbology is used to encode the 10 digit Universal Product Code. An eleventh digit indicates the type of product, and a twelfth digit is a modulo check digit. The symbol is divided into two halves, each containing 5 digits. The two six-digit patterns are surrounded by left, center and right guard patterns. The left six digits use odd parity encodation while the right six digits use even parity encodation.. The first digit is the UPC number system digit related to the type of product (0 for groceries, 3 for drugs, etc.). The next 5 digits are the UPC manufacturer's code. The first five digits of the right half are the product code. The final digit is the check digit. Although UPC A is continuous, the left and right halves of the symbol can be independently decoded.

So you can dicide what you want according to your own requirements.

For myself, I used to generate Barcode with another Barcode Generator SDK whose processing way is simple and fast. Even though I only tried its free trial package and didn´t check the cost and licensing conditions, it works well.

Besides, this barcode site gives a lot of choices for report barcoding project. You can pick you indeed need if necessary.

And I will try your guys´ sharing later and find more.

Many thanks again.

To know UPC-A barcode, this site will be quite necessary.

To learn EAN option values, please refer to this EAN barcode.

To know EAN 13 barcode, this passage called EAN-13 introduction may be very helpful:


John R. escribió:

EAN is a superset barcode of UPC. EAN-13 Barcode generation SDK may help you to figure out the value different. Free sample versions are provided online.

thanx for sharing !  this is a good site.

and i wondered whether using a barcode reader for upc can solve this problem ?

Setting up a prefix (preamble) or suffix (postamble) for the barcode tool is indeed possible. You can use a prefix or postfix to add key codes such as special characters, carriage returns, or tab characters before or after the bar code data.

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