Can not see Graphics 3000 on Sandy Bridge

Can not see Graphics 3000 on Sandy Bridge

I am trying to use the DirectX Compute Shader on the Graphics 3000 built into the Sandy Bridge. I also have an Nvidia GTS240 in this machine and my trial algorithm can only see this device.

How can I get DirectX to see/address my 3000 as opposed to my Nvidia card? I do not want to remove the Nvidia as this should handle the graphics for the system.

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Hi magicfoot,

Check out this article on enabling Hybrid display:

Your BIOS should allow hybrid usage. You have to select "Intel Graphics Display" as the primary device in the BIOS. Then use Windows Display settings to configure the multi-mon mode.


agreed with you, you have to select intel graphics display as the primary device in BIOS

It was a matter of sorting out my BIOS and rebooting to see the correct GPU config.

What helped a lot were the basic DirectX11 demo programs as these allow the selection of the GPU to be used.

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