Does my Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset support OpenGL 2.0.

Does my Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset support OpenGL 2.0.

I have a Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset Family graphics card. The drivers forMobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset Family are compatible with my graphics card as mentioned on the driver download page. I have Windows Vista 32-bit. The latest driver for Windows Vista 32-bit is of July 2008. I have the latest drivers as offered by Intel. Driver version is 15.8.

When I go to OpenGL compatibility page for Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset Family, it says that OpenGL 1.4 plus extensions are supported. However the post

says that OpenGL 2.0 was first supported with driver version 14.36.

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Hi swapnilrustagi1

It is unclear what you are asking. Are you hoping to use OpenGL 2.0 on your GM945?

Primarily, 945GM only has hardware support for OpenGL 1.4. ( )

The post you are referring to concerns the 965, which, according to has hardware support for OpenGL 1.5.


Hi Steve,This may be a basic question , but i am stuck here..i have a win 7 64 bit machine with visual studio 2008 pro, but i am not able to change my configuration setting to x64 with vs 2008 as it only show win 32 and other mobile devices..i have cheched the vc++ install and the x64 is cheched in there.i am getting no where with this .thanksJ

Hi J

You may do better posting this question on a microsoft forum, as VS2008 is their tool.You could try making sure you haveinstalled any available servicepacks for VS2008.



do u need just app to be for 64? or anythign else in particular?

if ur app needs to target 64 bit then u can choose that in just configuration settings (build configuration manager)or choose any cpu. either shall make this 64 bit app when u deploy on a 64 bit machine,

if sumthing else u r looking for then pls specify.


Guys i have similar question to that of swapnilrustagi1, i recently downloaded  X-plane simulator and it requires at least an open GL 2.0 driver, so and my system has Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset Family... am asking is there a way i can upgrade this to support the  2.0 version please?


Hi Elisha,

I am afraid not. As Steve pointed out in his post 945GM only has hardware support for OpenGl 1.4. No software workaround is possible in this case.


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