Need help with Video Bios flashing and editing.

Need help with Video Bios flashing and editing.

I wish to merge the latest Mobile Intel 945GM VBIOS to my system BIOS and flash it. In all my readings, I appear to need the Bios Modification Tool (BMP). I cannot find a link to this anywhere however. Help?

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Can you provide the name of your system BIOS manufacturer?

Manufacturer: AcerModel: TravelMate 2480-2779Graphics: Mobile Intel 945GMMax Resolution: 1280x800BIOS: Phoenix- Acer seems to have a lot of their older laptops using the same system BIOS as me- I just this morning took a Aspire 5710Z VBIOS and took the video rom from it and it was a 1471 or somethingI just mainly want either a tool to help me configure the latest VBIOS, or even just a precompiled 1585 VBIOS that works with the 1280x800 resolution would be ok.

Any assistance please?

Hi espionage724,

Although we don't actively support 945GM anymore, I am trying to find out if there are any tools available that would be useful for you. I will get back to you soon either way.


Unfortunately, Intel doesn't provide a Video BIOS integration tool to the general public. Your best option would be to contact Acer for the latest BIOS / driver update.


Acer told me they don't do VBIOS updates to the end user :(Why don't they have the tool to the general public? The vbios and script isaccessibleto the general public, so it would make sense to at least have a tool for it.

Intel's VBIOS must be combined with the system BIOS by the system or motherboard manufacturer before it can be flashed.

End users should contact their system or motherboard manufacturer for a system BIOS update. This system BIOS update may also contain an updated VBIOS.

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