need APIs for stuff like EDID, HDCP etc...

need APIs for stuff like EDID, HDCP etc...


I'm working on a HTPC video renderer and for that I need information on how to:

(1) read the EDID directly from the display (not from registry)
(2) read/write from/to I2C port
(3) check whether the display supports HDCP
(4) read the GPU product name, dedicated video memory size etc

I need this for all 32bit and 64bit Windows OSs beginning with Windows XP.

For NVidia there's a nice NVAP I header/lib available which allows all this (and more). Is there something comparable available for Intel GPUs? That would be great. Thanks!

Best regards, madshi.

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Does Intel have an SDK to identify the type of display connectors in an XP/Vista system with Intel Integrated Graphics? I have worked with NVAPI and AMD ADL SDKs, and they have APIs to identify connector types for the vendor's video cards.

I already have several workarounds to identify the connector types, but they all fails whenever my system enters display clone mode. It seems that in Vista and XP, windows is not aware of the presence of the second monitor in cloned mode.



Currently Intel does not have a public SDK that provides these features. If you are already working with Intel under NDA, please request your engineering contact, or PM me to get this.


Hi Ganesh,

I am also looking for a way to read the EDID of a display connected to my Intel graphics card. It looks like in 2010 Intel did not provide a public SDK for this purpose. Please let me know if anything has changed since then. Thank you.


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