IGFXS3DControl::GetS3DCaps returns 2D modes

IGFXS3DControl::GetS3DCaps returns 2D modes


GetS3DCaps should return a list of 3D-capable display modes. However, on the HD4000 connected to a 3DTV via HDMI, the list also includes 1080/50, 1080/59 and 1080/60. These modes are not supported by HDMI 1.4 frame packing. Consequently, there is no 3D when using one of these modes. When forcing 1080/24, my application displays 3D.

GetS3DCaps should allow to programmatically select the best 3D mode, however, if it includes 2D modes, it is pretty much useless and I have to hard-code valid HDMI 1.4 modes.

Is GetS3DCaps broken or am I doing something wrong?

Driver version is

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